Canon / Nikon to Mobile Adapter (No Cage)

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The ULANZI DOF Adapter is an advanced smartphone SLR/DSLR & Cinema lens adapter. It allows you to use an SLR/DSLR & Cinema* lens with the powerful smartphone camera that you have in your pocket for an incredible bokeh, shallow depth-of-field and film-style look and the ability to pull focus manually like on professional cinema cameras. ULANZI DOF Adapter is a Sony E-Mount adapter, most of the full-frame manual lens can be used with the proper adapter rings to E mount. Note : 1. Only Full Frame Manual lens is compatible. 2. For best results, we recommend using fast lenses (f0.9-f2.8) 3. DOF adapter will decrease the quality of photos and videos taken with it 4. There may be visible texture, dimples and/or specks of the focusing screen on the image Vignetting, barrel distortion and chromatic aberration are common issues with any DOF adapter 5. The DOF adapter flips the image upside-down. Need Apps to use the DOF. Recommended Apps The DOF Adapter displays your image upside down. For the best experience, we recommend using one of the third-party apps below to flip the image back to normal while shooting:

Mounting the DOF Adapter