100W LED Video Lighting Panel 3200K-5500K

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Product Name  Photo Studio Video Film Light
Model A-2200BI
Power 100w
Luminance 10000lux
CRI 95ra
Color temperature 3200-5500k
Light Source Bio-color
Light Angle 120 Degree
Color (Lamp Housing) Blue
Adjustment Panel control, Remote, DMX, Phone APP
Material Aluminum plate
Size 29x50x10cm


Inclued in the Package Diffuser, AC adapter, 4-leaf barndoors
Optional to buy V-mount battery, soft box

Production Introduction:

Softlight A Series is a compact ,ultra-bright and high-quality LED soft light with a design focused on form,color,beam field and output. Morever, they are fully tuneable;correlated color temperature is adjustable by multi way of controlling between 3200k and 5500k, with excellent color rendition over the entire range. Light emitted from A series is the best parter on interview, broadcast and digital cinema cameras, photo shooting.



1. Color temperature can be adjustable between 3200k and 5500k, fully dimmable from 0% to 99%.

2. Precise Color Rendering with high intensity.( CRI>95ra), perfect lighting choice for film and TV service, live studio setup and advertising.

3. Variable control options are available: on-board control Panel, Remote.

4. Beautiful soft Beam of Light, and it is combination of a precise selection of diffusion panels.

Package includes:

1 * A-2200BI Light Panel

1 * Remote control
1 * Diffuser
1 * AC Adapter &power line
1 * 4-Leaf Barn Doors

1* 280 tripod 

1* handbag