Comica XLR UHF 96-Channels Wireless Plug-on XLR Transmitter for CVM-WM300/CVM-WM200 UHF Wireless Lavalier Microphone System

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CVM-WM200/300-XLR is an all-metal wireless microphone XLR transmitter, which is charged by AA batteries and support 48V phantom power output. It utilizes UHF wireless FM technology and LCD high-resolution lattice screen,multiple channels selection and is integrated into LCF(Low cut filter), Auto-scanning, Auto IR Channel-match, RF signal strength adjustment, MIC/LINE IN input dual selection, power monitoring at receiver end, sound pickup dynamic display, backlight adjustment and other functions, at the same time with strong shielding anti-noise performance, it’s a high-quality microphone transmitter to broadcasting level!


Main Features

  1. .96-channels for Multiple Devices Working Together
  2. .Working Distance is Up to 60m(60m in open area,30m in area with obstacle)
  3. .Support 48V Phantom Power
  4. .LCF Low Cut Filtering Mode
  5. .Auto-Scanning for Quick Channel Selection
  6. .Manual or Auto IR Sync
  7. .Adjustable RF Signal Strength
  8. .Audio Dynamic Display Bar
  9. .Optional Language Selection
  10. .Low-consumption,super-long Standby Time
  11. .Lattice LCD Display,High Resolution
  12. .Metal Manufacturing, Excellent Shielding



4 Hours


Metal shielding cases as antenna component

Stray Radiation


Sound Delay


Audio Distortion




Frequency Response


Audio Input Socket

3-pin XLR Socket

Phantom Power



AA batteries×2pcs


114.8 x 62.4 x 34.3mm

Operating Temperature

0℃ ~ +50℃

Storage Temperature

-20℃ ~ +60℃